Significance of Lord Hanuman Ji

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There are many powerful characters in Ramayana and one such character that we all revere for his unconditional devotion to deity Ram, for his surrender, his sacrifice, and his meek behavior is Bhagwan Hanuman.

Hanuman Ji Marble Murti is considered one of the crucial characters of Ramayana and played a paramount role in liberating Sita to unite with Ram and destroying king Ravana.

Hanuman Ji was blessed by the Ma Sita to remain on the earth till the end of the time cycle. Hanuman’s love for Ram is unique, with the help of Hanuman and his devotees Ram was able to get his wife Sita back from the cruel King Ravana and defeat other powerful warriors of Lanka.

Hanuman Ji was the son of Kesari and Anjana Devi and also the son of Vayu, he was born with the motive and blessed by Lord Shiva. Being the son of Anjana he was also called the name Anjaneya.

Hanuman Ji Marble Statue was bestowed with unbeatable power and strength. He was ancient and now is considered as one of the most powerful supermen with a kind heart.

He can expand and contract depending upon the situation, he can fly across long distances wherever he wishes to, any demons or evil get terrified just by chanting his name.

If we talk about his child then he is one of the naughtiest kids. Once, when he was very hungry, so he grabs the sun into his mouth thinking it was a captivating delicious mango fruit. Later on, the sun became his teacher. Hanuman Ji was also cursed that he will not beware of this strength until and unless someone remind him about his power and abilities.

Symbolic Significance of Lord Hanuman 

Lord Hanuman will always be remembered as a kind-hearted man, most powerful, complete surrender, sensible, and responsible personality. His character tells us that we can achieve anything if we are the true devote of God, always help the needy, have self-control, unconditional faith, and total sacrifice.

He was also the paramount warrior of the monkey race. In man’s body, he resembles an animal in nature. Being the son of Vayu, he symbolizes the subtle bodies, they are the breath body, the mental body, and the intelligence body.

The breath body is in charge of the movement of life energy or prana in the human body. The mental body deals with the thoughts that come into our consciousness. While the intelligence body is made of intelligence that is considered as the highest principle of human nature.

It is said that Hanuman ji Marble Murti will remain on earth till the end of this Kali Yuga. When Lord Vishnu incarnates in Kalki form then Hanuman, Parashurama, Ashwatthama, Kripacharya, Vishwamitra, Vibhishana, and King Bali will appear in public. In Kaliyuga, Hanuman ji, Bhairav, Kali, and Mata Amba are considered awakened gods.

Born as the manifestation of Lord Shiva, there is no one or never will be like Hanuman Ji Marble Statue who was the evolved God, he always hears the prayers of those who remember him with their heart and soul. Whenever you are in any trouble, difficulty, or problem just say “Jai Bajrang Bali” and everything will be cured.

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