Gau Gopal

Krishna makes for an elegant vision in, detailed in beautiful gold ornamentation, peacock feathers, playing a flute and accompanied by the holy cow, identified as ‘gaumata’, considered the purest in Hinduism. Pandey Marble Arts is best known for its Gau Gopal Marble Murti in Jaipur & Gau Gopal Marble Statue in Jaipur.

The Gau Murti is the most sacred of all Hindu stones, symbolising the eternal circle of life and death. It is a representation of the undying love for God and the earth. It was believed that Gau Rasa was the daughter of the god Brahma, and it is believed to bring eternal youthfulness. The term Gau Rasa was used to describe the circular area on the surface of the stone depicting the cycle of creation and destruction. It was believed that the stone protects the devotees from evil spirits. Some historians believe that it was created during the period of Chaturmas (iots) around 400 BC by the priests of King Ajatsatru.
Today, the Gau Gopal Murti is available in marble form. It is the most favourite choice among marble sculptors and it is also known as the Jugal Murti. It is the most popular choice among marble statues sold in the market. There are several stories behind the origin of these Hindu religious statues.
The Gau Gopal Murti was built up with a mix of different figures, all being associated with some mythological scenes or events. The stone represents the eternal love of God for His children, humanity in general and the earth in particular. The white marble statue of Gau Rasa was chosen because it represents purity, chastity, and wisdom. The stone is also believed to be the embodiment of God's goodness and blessings upon the devotee.
A lot of effort goes in the making of a Gau Gopal Murti. The stone is first prepared by hand from pure white marble that is found in the region of Jaipur (the capital city of Rajasthan). After the white marble has been cut into various pieces, it is then beautifully handmade and sent to the stonecutter in Jaipur. The work is done by expert artisans in marble workshops of Jaipur. Each piece of stone that is cut is then carefully shaped using tools made specifically for this purpose.
When the pieces reach the hands of skilled artisans, they become even more beautiful. After all this effort, a marble statue of Gau Rasa becomes worth much more than you would ever imagine. The best price to pay for this stone statue would be the one which is able to convey its message of spirituality and eternal love to the devotee.

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