Buddha Marble Statue

The Enlightened one, is called Buddha, on whose teaching Buddhism was founded. Buddha is the epitome of calmness and devotion, quite evident from his upright posture and prominent facial features, cleverly carved out in white & black marble, representing serenity as a whole. Pandey Marble Arts is best known for its Buddha Marble Murti in Jaipur & Buddha Marble Statue in Jaipur.

Everyone has unique tastes, but the only thing that remains the same is the need to have a source of inspiration, courage, hope, and strength to face life's adversity that can be overcome. Few figures evoke peace, serenity, and wisdom as did Gautama Buddha. Although Buddhism as a religion may not be as widespread as Hinduism, Islam, or Christianity, the ideals and morals set by the Buddha are certainly very important in the lives of many people. The Buddha is a symbol of everything spiritual and the face or silhouette of the Buddha makes one calm. The stunning marble buddha statue is something that is appreciated by cultures and people around the world.
If you are looking for a Beautiful marble buddha statue then you've come to the right place. We are specialised in sculpture and exporting a set of designer white marble statues of Buddha. This is a commendable integration of the marble statue of the Buddha with our skilled masters. These Buddha statues are easily available in various sizes and colour combinations. This Buddha statue is a true symbol of Indian culture and religion. You can contact us for more information.
This festive season, let's bring joy to our homes and don't let the pandemic weigh on our spirits with buddha marble murti from Pandey Marble Arts. We strive to offer an exclusive selection of marble statues of Buddha who is considered one of the most famous figures in Indian history. In this category, we offer Buddha Statues, Sandstone Buddha Statues, White Marble Buddha Statues, and Black Buddha Statues, as well as other custom Buddha designs at the most affordable prices.

Buddha Marble Murti - Path to Success and Wealth

An integral part of the festive season is the gifts you can collect for loved ones by sending a buddha marble statue. By giving a marble buddha statue to loved ones, you give them prosperity and sincere hope. With our exclusive online collection of statues, our customers can buy buddha marble murti online in India and enrich the event for their loved ones.
Wherever our customers live, when they visit our website and browse through our collection of Buddha idols and buy idols online in India, they can rest assured that they will be delivered on time. Buy your favourite marble buddha statue at an amazing price.

Shop For a Marble Buddha Statue Online

At Pandey Marble Arts, we understand what it means to be faithful to your God. For this reason, our collection is designed by buddha marble statue with great care and beauty. Each buddha marble murti is beautifully designed with unique, bright, and vivid colours. The possibilities are many. For those who prefer the traditional, we offer a unique selection of puja idols made of silver, bronze, aluminium, metal, and brass. They present themselves with style and a lot of elegance. They add a spiritual touch to the whole house.

Different types of Buddha statue designs:

1. Buddha resting on his knees

- If you want to buy a marble buddha statue that rests on your knees, choose Buddha On Knee Showpiece Idol from us or Gold Buddha On Knee.

2. The Buddha's Head

- If you want to buy a buddha marble statue that only represents the Buddha's head, you can buy a gold Polynesian Buddha with 2 Idol lamp holders from home, where you can actually place a tea lamp, or a white Polynesian meditative Buddha head.

3. Resting Buddha

- The icon image of the resting Buddha is very popular. Purchase a handmade buddha marble murti from Pandey Marble Arts if you really like this look.

4. Meditating Buddha

- Buddha in a meditative state means true happiness and enlightenment! If this is the figure you want, we recommend the white Buddha Idol in antique stone finish or the golden statue of Buddha in the blessed pose, sitting idol.

5. Blessing Buddha

- Would you like to have a buddha marble statue that seems to spread blessings on you? Choose from a shower of idol blessings, such as a handmade meditating Buddha statue with blessings made of Marble from Pandey Marble Arts or an orange meditation monk made of Polynesian.

6. Buddha's palms

- If the Buddha Palm is a sacred symbol you would like to welcome into your home, we have many options to choose from.

Why Should You Buy a Buddha Marble Statue From Pandey Marble Arts?

The selection of the Pandey Marble Arts' Buddha statue is endless. From the varying moods of the Buddha to the different poses and artistic interpretations, you're sure to find a beautiful buddha marble murti that is really appealing to you. From expensive and elegant Buddha statues made of marble to very pocket-friendly options, you can easily find a beautiful buddha marble statue that's right for you at Pandey Marble Arts.

Handmade Marble Sculpture By Pandey Marble Arts

Our marble Buddha statue is hand-carved by a marble craftsman and is truly unique. The owner, Pandey Marble Arts, selects each marble statue of the Buddha by the artist who carved it. We have a large selection of marble Buddha statues in various colours. All of our large marble Buddha statues are perfect for the garden in any climate, hot or cold. Choose from the largest selection of Buddha statues for sale in the world! We sell exquisite handcrafted Buddha statues, made of bronze, brass, marble, stone, and wood. Shop from our wide selection of Big Garden Buddha Statues for sale, Thai Buddha Statues, Marble Buddha Statues, Tibetan Buddha statues, and Fat and Happy Buddha Statues for sale.

Buddha Collection

If peace and quiet are what you are looking for in the New Year, upgrade your interior and purchase a buddha marble murti. Send gifts online without disturbing your home. The Meditating Buddha is a surefire way to heal you and others and remove the mental evil of attachment, ignorance, and anger. Take a silent obstacle course of a resting Buddha with a triple lucky bamboo plant in a glass vase with a round silver candle and invite good luck into your home. The Thai black Buddha head features intricate details and beautifully crafted ornaments for this Buddha's head complete both classic and modern interiors. Balancing life with Buddha, Buddha is an unusual gift. Deepen your spiritual practice and meditation by creating a sacred space.
Decorate your home with this buddha marble statue which is a very beautiful work of art from Pandey Marble Arts. This beautiful handcrafted Buddha statue presents a serene and happy expression with closed eyes, which increases the satisfaction in the environment. Buddha statues at Pandey Marble Arts are available in various types, shapes, and avatars and are made of marble. Buddhist idols are also available in various alloys such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, and many more. The idols of the Buddha have been carefully pruned to spread the word of knowledge, comfort, and attainment throughout the world. Our Buddha statues can be washed with plain water or even wiped with a dry damp cloth.
Get a buddha marble murti in various avatars, such as Buddha statues with bowls, a set of Buddha statues, handmade meditating Buddhas, decorative palm Buddha statues, ancient Buddhas, thinking graduates, laughing Buddha statues, and many more. Find them in brown, red, and black, brown and gold, red, teal and gold, red and gold, green and gold, and many other colours.
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