Pandey Marble Arts

Tales from India

Pandey Marble Arts, founded in 1960, is a leading manufacturer of marble art and handicrafts like Deities of God & Goddesses’, Animal figures, Roman figures and Furniture. We are making our own mark by sculpting the finest grade of marble idols with details that will hold you spellbound with their mesmerising beauty. Representing a true reflection of craftsmanship, Indian values and culture.Marble art at Pandey Marble Arts, is the epitome of elegance and purity.

India has an ancient tradition of worshipping gods and goddesses in the form of deities, enriching not only the ambience but also bringing a psychological and spiritual upliftment in the lives of the worshippers. Pandey Marble Arts strives hard to sustain this tradition by carving beautiful sculptures out of marble and delivering it at your door step, whether it is for a residential or a commercial purpose, enhancing the ambience of any space. We take immense pride in turning stone into a carrier of faith and belief, worshipped for generations, bringing our rich culture to life.

Living right in the heart of heritage and crafts, Jaipur, we take inspiration from whatever this pink city has to offer. Our creations have been the choice of royals and connoisseur’s around the world for decades, who recognises this unique craftsmanship and have an eye for detail.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Our artisans are the unsung heroes of creating beauty around us. We believe in empowering such craftsman and making our heritage renowned globally.

With years of precision and training, passed down by generations, we have our foundation laid strongly on the craft of sculpting. We produce idols that not only carry Indian values and aspirations with them, rather they tell a story of an age-old craft, sustained with the labour of love. Our team of highly skilled artisans, work tirelessly each day to carve beauty out of marble, which is ready to exude power and grace in any ambience that it is placed into.

Our creations can be customised to suit varied tastes and preferences of our customers and we are committed to achieve complete customer satisfaction. With our tailor-made approach we ensure that each of our product is unique and achieves customer specifications, as desired.

Quality at Par

Each of the creation at Pandey Marble Arts is made with a hand-chiselled labour of love, with every artisan pouring his soul into creating a masterpiece. Our designers work right from conceptualisation of a marble piece to keeping a check on each and every chisel the piece goes through and finally, its beautification and detailing. We ensure highest quality with our marble sourced from the best quarry and a committed team to monitor the manufacturing process to keep up with the highest standards in quality control. Our single-minded approach to achieve quality with the best market price has allowed us to earn trust and reputation with our clientele spread across the globe. After capturing the domestic market, we are flying high in the international skies with our work ethics and a commitment to put the craft of sculpting and our heritage on the world map.

Best of Both Worlds

With the advancement of technology and introduction of mechanization into our lives, Pandey Marble Arts, strives to offer the best of worlds. Imparting equal attention to the labour of our skilled craftsmen and enjoying the comforts of technology, we offer a bespoke manufacturing solution which allows us to offer competitive prices in the market.

With an experience expanding over decades, our delivery of products is on-time and highly efficient. A team of highly committed individuals pay attention to each and every aspect of marble sculpting to make sure the product delivered at your door step is above your requirements. Building lasting customer relations is our core strength. Our work place stands on the ethics of fair-trade practices, giving due credits to our backbone, our entire team, which helps us to showcase this craft on a global scale.

Mission and Values

We aim at empowerment of artisans and craftsmen at the grassroot level by giving them opportunity to scale up under our direction and mentoring. We strive to place this art globally with products of highest grade. We want to carve our own niche in the world of marble sculptures, one that is a carrier of hope and aspirations. Our mission is to be known for world class art and craftsmanship in the marble industry.

With Pandey Marble Arts, witness and take a part of Indian heritage with you. Experience art like never before.

With Pandey Moorti Arts, witness and take a part of Indian heritage with you. Experience art like never before.

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