Brahmani Mata

Riding a white swan, Brahmani is considered the source of Brahma’s power, the creator of universe. Identified with a distinct crown over her head and four arms, the goddess makes for a remarkable vision in white. Pandey Marble Arts is best known for its Brahmani Mata Ji Marble Murti in Jaipur & Brahmani Mata Ji Marble Statue in Jaipur.

Brahmani Mata is a relatively new goddess in the Hindu pantheon. She is one of the seven mother goddesses called Matrikas. She is a form of Saraswati and is considered as the Shakti of the creator god Brahma in Hinduism. She is depicted in white colorful marble and with four hands. She holds lotus, vedas and trident in her hand and is seated on white swan as her vahana. She wears various ornaments and basket shaped crowns. We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in making beautiful Brahmani Mata Marble Statues. We offer an exclusive collection of Marble Brahmani Mata Statue, Brahmani Mata Marble Statue, Brahmani Mata Statue and blessing of Brahmani Mata Murti intricately crafted in various themes and positions. These are crafted using superior quality white marble as well as colorful marble. The marble statue of Brahmani Mata is the most widely revered and most popular of all Indian divinities. Our variety of Marble Brahmani Mata Statues are crafted using vibrant color and care is taken that we should carve the real expression. Which are portrayed in different posture. Our offered range comprises devotional idols and sculpture that are carefully designed by our skilled craftsmen. We use the best quality marble and stone for the processing of statues. We provide Marble Brahmani Mata Idol to our client as per their requirement. These statues are offered in marble stone that are cut, finished and polished to come up with different idols. In order to manufacture these statues, we use high grade marble. These statues are available in different colors, sizes and provide these idols at market leading rate. We have a vast collection of Brahmani Mata Marble Murti which is carved beautifully in a heavy shining white and colorful Marble.

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