Marble Mandir Ideas for Home

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For so many decades, Indian Homes have had their places of worship where they meditate to purify their souls from all kinds of impurities so that we can have our minds clear of clutter and find some peace in our lives.

The temples in our houses fill us with positivity and peace, and the temples are among the common ones you’ll find not just in homes, but also in hospitals, cafes, restaurants, offices, colleges, and many other places.

If possible, the temples should be made from wood. A wood temple is thought to be more auspicious and regarded as more religious-based on Vastu Shastra. In addition to other types of wood, Sheesham Wood (Rosewood) is considered auspicious for Home Temples. Marble temples, however, are also appropriate.

It is important to examine various religious beliefs and ideas associated with the marble mandir to gain a better understanding of it.

Marble Mandir Ideas for Home: Appropriate Height of the Temple

The size of a marble temple is up to you, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when buying one.

A marble temple should be placed at a height suitable for the seating arrangements. The height should be at least as high as the chest of a person standing or sitting before it. In this ritual, Pooja Idols are to be placed in front of the worshipper.

It would be disrespectful to the Lord if the height was lower than that. Furthermore, the individual would find it difficult to see the Deities above that height. Keeping the Temple at a height so the devotee’s chest is higher than the Idols’ feet is the basic thumb rule.

Prefer to have a dome over the top. It looks like the ancient temples situated at different locations in the world. And here Pandey Marble Arts offers the best quality of marble temple all over in Jaipur.

Despite this, you can adjust it to suit your needs and your space.


  • To make a temple complete, the directions must be Vastu Compliant either at home or elsewhere.
  • Placement of a Mandir at the north-eastern or eastern corner of your home is regarded as perfect and will bring good luck to your location, as per Vastu Shastra. Positive energy is also believed to permeate a house’s north-eastern side.
  • A deity’s face should face west and the worshipper’s face should face east.
  • Place or light the Diya in a southeasterly direction.
  • An ideal place for worshiping God is the Pooja Room in the home.
  • It is advisable to use a mattress or a carpet (pooja chowki) as insulation while praying and sitting in pooja rooms.

Things to avoid doing while placing Marble Temples at Home

  • There should be no Marble Temple adjacent to the toilet or washroom, not even above or below it.
  • It is not appropriate to place a marble temple in the bedroom. The Temple can be placed at some height and covered by a curtain or a door to conceal the Idols if there are no other options or if you run into space constraints.
  • Also, the pooja room should not build under the stairs.
  • Do not place any ancestral pictures inside the Marble Temple. Vastu deems this an inauspicious event.
  • It is considered a bad omen to place cracked or damaged idols (Khandit Murti) inside the temple.

Importance of Marble Temple/ Mandir in home

In every Hindu family, the temple is considered to be the most significant element. Indian homes mark a special area in which to offer prayer to God, the prayer room, which is a sacred space to perform Pooja. This is the place where people retreat when their minds are unsubtle, distracted, or stressed. It is believed that Indian mandirs have some sort of auspicious positive energy. When an individual sits in front of the deities of a marble temple and performs prayers in front of them, he or she experiences positive effects and peace of mind.

How to decorate a Marble Temple / Mandir at home

  • Make it seem like positive energy is coming out of the idols by placing LED lights at the back.
  • Put curtains on both front doors.
  • Prepare the pooja thali for the front.
  • Fresh flowers can be used to decorate it.
  • Cover the surface with designer paper.
  • Make your mandir more beautiful by using perfume sticks.
  • Light Kuber Diya in front of deities.
  • Place some Holy books in the mandir.
  • Put on beautiful clothes and jewelry for the deities.


Each home has its marble temple, which is regarded as sacred.

Every individual needs a place or a belief to rejuvenate the soul and bring out a peaceful lifestyle. It is possible to achieve all these things after setting up a marble temple or mandir at home and preaching in a peaceful and quiet environment in front of it. Pandey marbles gives you various designs and sizes of marble temple/ mandir with the finest marble work which will force you to spend your quality time nurturing the beauty of the temple.

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