How to clean a Marble Statue or Marble Murti?

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Since ancient times, marble has been used for decorative purposes. After being overlain by other materials, limestone of calcium carbonate (a crystal form of calcium carbonate) is transformed by heat and pressure into marble.

Despite being translucent, marble allows light to permeate it and produces a warm glow. It can be polished very well.

Sculptures can be made with this stone due to its properties. The material is soft and easy to sculpt, and when it is fine-grained, it has the same properties in all directions.

Statues made of marble come in various colors, sizes, and shapes. Maintaining a marble statue’s smooth, delicate appearance, requires regular cleaning and care, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

This unique quality of marble draws our attention to the best way to clean marble and maintain its original beauty. And here the Pandey marble art offers the best quality marble statue all over in Jaipur.

Architectural process of cleaning marble statues or murti:

The process for treatment included seven steps:

1) Remove loose dust and soil with a vacuum.

2) Use xylene gel to remove the old wax-resin coating and the embedded soil.

3) Scrape the gel with scouring beads and clear it with mineral spirits using precut cotton pads (Webril Handi-Pads, available from Talas, NY).

4) Place a poultice of NTA gel paste on the skin and cover it with polyethylene film. Let the mixture rest for a minimum of six hours.

5) use a paper towel, Webril pads, and a cotton swab to remove the general-purpose paste.

6) Thoroughly wash away any remaining residues.

7) Apply the Renaissance microcrystalline wax as a final coat.

We also have another method of restoring marble statues, called the Fuller Earth process. A mudpack called Fuller’s Earth is used in this process to clean marble.  To remove air pollution staining and bird droppings from marble, clay is applied, then washed off using distilled water.  Although this method is highly effective for cleaning marble, the process is very slow.

General Process of cleaning marble statues at home:

Things You Will Need

  • Mild dish detergent or stone soap
  • Bucket
  • Cloth or sponge
  • Towel
  • Baking soda or clay powder
  • Hydrogen peroxide (12 percent strength)
  • Plastic knife or spatula
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tape


  • Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of warm water and 1 to 2 teaspoons of mild dish detergent or stone cleaner.
  • Use the sponge or cloth to wipe over the marble statue after dipping it in soapy water. In the bucket, rinse the sponge or cloth frequently.
  • Remove any residue from the marble statue by thoroughly rinsing it and drying it with a towel.

Home remedy for Stain Removal

  • Add baking soda or clay powder to hydrogen peroxide and mix to make a paste.
  • If any stained areas exist, place a thick layer of poultice over them with a plastic knife or spatula. Plastic wrap should be placed over the area and taped in place. After the poultice has dried for 24 hours, remove it and discard it.
  • Ensure that the poultice is dry by removing the plastic wrap. Otherwise, replace the plastic wrap and wait another 24 hours. Once the poultice is completely dry, scrape it off the marble statue with a plastic knife or spatula.
  • The marble statue should be wiped clean of any poultice residue and dried with a towel.


  • Avoid vinegar, bleach, ammonia, other general-purpose cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, or other household cleaners.
  • Don’t use dry or soft cleaners that are abrasive.
  • Avoid using alkaline cleaners that are not formulated for stone.
  • Touching marble causes yellow-brown stains because it absorbs the oils from the skin.

Tips for Maintaining Marble statues and Avoiding Damage:

  1. Clean Spills as They Happen

Standing water will be absorbed by marble’s porous surface – including spills and stains. Marble becomes stained or discolored when this happens. Blot up the spill with a damp cloth (preferably microfiber).

  1. Never allow marble statues to air dry

The air drying of marble statues is dangerous. During air drying of the statue, both water and chemicals are absorbed by the marble. Discoloration or staining will result.

3.Go for mild detergents

You should always choose a pH-neutral detergent when cleaning your murti. Due to their pH neutrality, these products are gentle to the surface so they can be used on marble. Although they are less effective than acidic and alkaline products for removing tough stains.

4.Use a marble sealer

Your marbles murti are best preserved if they are sealed. Almost anyone with a little bit of creativity can do this. Marble sealers can be found at home improvement stores or supply stores.

Black Diamond spray is an excellent option. You can easily use this product to protect your marble from spills and grease.


These kinds of surfaces frequently present conservators with solubility difficulties. Surfaces generally accumulate coating materials, waxes, polishes, and residues from prior treatments (detergents, soaps, salts of acid and bases from cleaning, etc.), which cause them to become occluded and possibly difficult to remove. We can maintain marble’s beauty by taking proper care with correct knowledge. Pandey Marble Arts has various types of marble idols, which can be cleaned easily and it stays like that for a long time.


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