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The scientific facts about Shiv Ji and Family Marble Murti are based on the cosmic energy that permeates the universe. This cosmic energy is known as Shatkaji, or ‘Shiva’. If Shatkaji is cut off, the universe would cease to function properly and it is believed that Lord Shiva is the one responsible for keeping the third eye active.

The third eye is a tiny porthole in the top-most portion of the brain called the’siddhis’; this is located just behind the left ear. This third eye is associated with the power of intuition and intelligence and is the seat of the ‘phalak’ or ‘naad’ – an involuntarily generated life force that generates action. The association between the third eye and faith comes from the practice of meditation where a devotee has to visualize the lingam of Lord Shiva and focus on that in order to obtain knowledge of the transcendental Reality of God. In this way, the devotee will be prepared to invoke the energy of Shaitani or Vishnu (God) through the third eye and allow its rays to enter the body and reach the heart. The theory behind this is that the rays will help the recipient in realizing his or her true path in life and help them achieve true inner happiness and bliss.

There are many references to the various aspects of Shaitanis and Vishnu. The first reference to such knowledge comes from the epic ‘Rudra Padamit’ where the sage Vaitarani describes the relationship between the Goddess Lakshmi and Shiva. According to the myth, when Shiva moved away from Earth to pray to the Gods, the deities Vishnu and Shiva became angry with him and caused a flood to destroy his home. Vishnu saved Shiva from being drowned by carrying him to a hidden lake where Shiva spoke to him using the powers of his mind and Shiva transformed into a fish.

In the world of science, a lot of experiments can be carried out using scientific methods. In fact, the field of science is so vast and dynamic that it is simply impractical to limit the scope of such work to only one theory or experiment. There are many theories which have been proved to be scientifically valid. However, they can be rejected if they fail to meet the requirements set by certain standards which have been set by different bodies. To cite an example, if a new theory regarding the origin of the universe and the process of evolution is advanced by some scientists, it can be rejected by others if it fails to satisfy the pre-requisites of their theory.

Science has a very steep learning curve. It is not possible for someone who has just begun to learn the ropes to instantaneously apply all the scientific facts regarding the design of the universe and the workings of the entire working of our body system. This is the reason why a lot of theoretical work has been involved before the application of scientific facts. If you want to make a deeper study of the theory, it is advisable to carry on a more in-depth research. This would help in arriving at a clearer understanding of the theories and the methodologies used in carrying them out.

Shiv Ji and Family Marble Statue is believed to be the controller of all that exists. Hence, science works on the basis of the belief that everything around us is the result of the interaction between matter and energy which are controlled by the Supreme God. In the Hindu mythological tradition, the relationship between the Supreme God and Shiva is also considered to be a great one. Hence, conducting a science laboratory with the goal of studying how Shiva and Lord Vishnu interact is also a worthy endeavor. The scientific findings derived from such a lab will be accepted and proven by a majority of people. Similarly, scientific facts about the universe and life on earth will be accepted.

The actual process of scientific data collection has a lot of parameters. First of all, the collecting of data needs to be done carefully and orderly. Scientists need to collect as many facts about the subject as they can. Secondly, the scientists also need to compare their data with those of other scientists to arrive at conclusions and make explanations. Once the required data have been collated, the scientists then submit them for peer review. Reviews in the scientific community are carried out by experts in different fields such as botany, zoology, forestry, ecology, physics and astronomy.

A detailed description about how the scientific method is used to study the relationship between the Supreme God and various aspects of reality is available in a book titled “Lord Vishnu-Shiva and the Search for Scientific Facts About Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi: A Study of Comparative mythology”. This book provides a clear account of how Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi are regarded in the Hindu religious tradition. It also describes how science can help us understand the workings of these two deities. With this information in hand, you can readily understand why the scientific world has accepted Lord Shiva and why there have been several theories about his existence and properties so far.

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