THE SACRED SAGA- An Emblem of Divine Realization!

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Why God & Goddess are worshipped in India and What makes their idolization so recognizable?

Every Soul stepping into this world is a young Eagle aspiring to soar higher and higher, gathering more and more Strength, till it reaches the Glorious Sun.

Here, the young eagle relates to- a Fervent Yogi & Glorious Sun relates to- attaining ‘Nirvana’ the ultimate state of Happiness. 

Meaning thereby, the soul will revolve in this cosmos again & again/repeatedly till the time it doesn’t empower itself with wise knowledge, which is the only way to Liberate oneself and reach Glorious stage of Salvation.

Because this world, where different souls engage with each other via varied levels of relations emerging out of past karma, is the O N L Y place of fortune that gives you a chance to clear all your accumulated debts of previous times. Thereby, helping you secure the seat of Nirvana (Salvation)- i.e. Space of Divine Love and Knowledge which is one’s real place of Dwelling.

Believing and Understanding the said theory is just a matter of interpretation or scrolling your eyes up and down, but Realizing the same comes only and only out of rigorous and diligent Sadhana (Practice).  Such mystical self-actualizing teaching is what some of our ancient sages have exercised for years-to-decades just to experience the whiff of Ecstasy, which was then recited, preached and imparted all over through shaping of epic/sacred story like ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’, and other Hindu scripture.

And, that’s how such immortal powerful beings became idols of worship and thus become gods and goddesses in Hinduism. 

We praise these supreme souls attributing them with honorific subtitles like ‘God’, ‘Almighty’, ‘Param-atma’, Bhagwaan, Ishwar and so on. Till date, particularly there have been 33 million God and Goddesses adored in India. And each of such celestial being un-veiled their inner luminosity through Liberating themselves.

Now, the Question thumps up, Liberation from what? Which are those hindering elements that keeps our vision unclear and ignorant? What are those mysterious revelations that sets these higher souls unique and noble from a normal being?

Tracing solution to the above life-enhancing enigma, we will find one common answer to it- though referring to any spiritual course from Quran-Bible-Bhagwad Gita- to any other religious scripture. That, every life seeks for liberation- Liberation from the bad influence of emotions like anger, greed, resentment, ego, criticism, sulking attitude, helpless feeling –(how) by enlightening oneself with the rays of Right Philosophy- Right Knowledge-Right Conduct, leading to a path of true spiritual healing. 

To mark the above narrative more evident and worthwhile, read the following verse quoted in Hindi which will help you connect to the context better.


From a King’s insight- the existence of a soul lies in Materialistic enjoyment, contrary to it, From a Pauper’s perspective the same rests in Hunger. Similarly,

For a Deity, the spirit of life exists in Good accompaniment, whereas,

For a Giant the same resides in Evil practices.

Oh! You the Sovereign Soul, always remember: Where ever you envision and foster the art of seeking nobility as well as positivity, then you will observe the presence of soul as ONE in ALL.


When a human surpasses and excels beyond the normalcy of some of most predictable characteristics found in a being, he/she is often praised as a source of adulation by others. 

For instance, right from Durga Maa – Saraswati – Lord Ganesha and other 33 million God-Goddesses to recent times’ Super heroes- Mahatma Gandhi – Mother Teresa – Amitabh Bachchan – Sachin Tendulkar and many more, each one of them is a pioneer in their respective fields. This have led to generating devoted and dedicated followers in sizeable numbers. The aspirants worldwide adore them so as to extend their inner abilities in reaching that supreme level and later convert into idol worship.  

Again, a query pops up, it gets unchallenging to seek lessons from today’s iconic appearances while they share their stories, but how to comprehend the eternal knowledge from a sculpture (though symbolized as Divine) who can just be seen but doesn’t speak or shows any answers to our problem. 

A dialog to be continued…

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