Mythology: Do we even need it?

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Is mythology the truth? 

Indian rishis had a deep insight of the diversity and limitlessness of the universe and self. Mythology was an attempt to draw out the limitless through a limited language as there is no single way to truth. So, there exists multiple plots, multiple characters, multiple lifetimes but all pointing to one eternal truth. 

Humans have always been curious about the origin of existence, so different cultures developed. Different theories, myths about life and existence developed overtime throughout the history of time. Whenever one does not understand something, the mind starts to form ideas about it. These ideas could be factual or fictional. Myths will survive as long as there is this gap in understanding of existence. Indian sages created a web of myths that formed the mythology. These myths were not truths but they surely created a window to see the truth.

These ideas about existence could be personal or public but anything which is relative cannot be the truth because the truth is independent of relativity. Ideas are the product of mind but the truth is beyond the mind.

Well, Mythology is not the truth, but it points to the truth.

Stories spontaneously imbibe in mind

Indian mythology is a compilation of cultural myths that are passed down from generation to generation in the form of stories and songs.

‘Satya’ or truth is inexpressible through language because it is beyond words, ideas and memories. We live in the world of ‘Maya’ or measurement and to explain the immeasurable through measurement is an irrational task. Thus, Indian sages came with a solution. Their language may not express the truth but it can point to the truth through stories, songs, and all the scriptures acting as a support system, weaving a web of words around Indian gods and goddesses. 

Take the example of Ramayana. Ram Rajya was a perfect kingdom and Ram was a perfect king. No matter what he faced in his life, he never lost his integrity, values and always maintained order. Ram is the truth interacting with the world at a particular time and on the other hand, Krishna in Mahabharat demonstrates the truth in a different form and in a different time. The power of belief comes to life in the form of stories, helping to live life with the right principles, all in the form of stories. 

Stories ingrain deeper into human consciousness; it shows how Dharma can be practically practiced in real life, thus improving the quality of life and helping us attain its true meaning. 

It is pointless to believe that these extraordinary creatures of Indian mythology existed or not, but what really matters is what we learn from these stories. It has been proved in psychology that when one respects and loves someone, that person’s qualities get naturally start to appear in one’s personality. Similarly, when one worship Ram or Krishna, God’s qualities start to shape devotee’s personality.

Mythology is just a medium to help us live a fuller life, drawing inspiration from centuries worth traditions and above all, life-changing stories.

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