Bridging the gap: Connecting generations to one universal chord

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Every life, each generation has been accustomed to attaining basic hierarchy of needs. Though India air itself to be culturally diverse and distinguished right from Food-Language-Costume-Festive rituals and so on, but the craft-roots in terms of embedding the mark of Serenity, Virtue, Compassion and Affinity stays the same. Behind every word and deed enacted here, their lies ONE intention, though it can have varied meaning when looked from different angles.

Now this inquisitive human mind thinks that if the path is so clean and simple, where are we loosing our track? 

If we rationally ruminate on the same, the law of nature deciphers that with so many meanings attached to one act we have started interpreting the idea from our state of mind and completely became ignorant as to seeking real message out of the it. 

India has been distinctive when it comes to casting its literature segment. Million and millions of Great sages, leader, philanthropist have come and left. 

Indian mythological stories may or may come with a moral but they do have the power to help us look beyond the obvious. But the only thing that have stayed persistent till date, be it of the ancient times or today’s e-generation era, is the essence of their dynamic discovery in Spiritual voyage, as described through Hindu mythologies. And that’s how its rightly said-

‘Till the prominence of Power persist, there exist a While adoration;


Where the state of Reign and Reverence sustain, till then flourish an Infinite-Boundless Reminiscence.’

 which means 

those who try to wend their ways and establish their frame of percipience only with the idea of power in it, the society and history remembers him/her only for a certain period of time. They only attain peace without prosperity. Where in on the contrary, one who tries to build the empire with the foundation of competency and compassion into the same, people engrave such images in their hearts forever’s time. They not only develop fame out of the it but also discover Faith and Trust.

And so is our Indian stature of narrating stories…

Indian mythology has been inter-related too in terms of culminating each-others life’s evolution. Like both Ramayana and Mahabharata are narrated as different stories but to understand Ramayana with more lucidity we will have to know some elements of Mahabharata. But we will be able to interpret both, only if we get to know Vishnu purana. 

Then you will be able to clearly manifest the idea behind Purana-Tatva and view the narrative with more sublimity.

Just like, in order to understand the relevance of certain aspects and characters we need to study varied other literature, similarly so as to bridge the gap of interpretations between todays time and previous era of belief we need to bend down a bit to get into their shoe and purview the ideology from their eye-sight. That’s how we will be able to perpetuate the Cause-Effect relationship more wisely. 

This is how a human being evolves and develops RATIONALITY in delivering their decisions thereby distinguishing themselves from other species residing on this planet. Practicing the same preaching each day have led to transforming Dhyaan- to Dharana- to Samadhi, thereby portraying such idols as an ‘Allegory of Divine Power.’ Taking it to a broader level and covering every single facet of life, from Professional to Personal to Social Agendas, such an extent of Devotion and Spiritual reformations have helped human minds to build, operate and transcend their Focused vision into Strategic Outlook. 

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