Ganesh Chaturthi 2022: Do’s and Don’ts If You Are Bringing Ganpati Bappa Home

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If you are planning to bring a Ganpati idol to your home this Ganesh Chaturthi, it is important to follow certain rituals. Read through this article to know what is required when bringing a ganpati idol to your home. It also explains the requirements for bringing a ganpati to your home and how you can avoid negative energies.
Ganesh Chaturthi

There are many important things to consider if you are bringing Lord Ganesha home on Ganesh Chaturthi. The first and foremost thing is that you should keep the Ganesha idol in a proper place. This is especially important if the Ganesha is placed in a sitting position. Besides, you must ensure that the Ganesha idol has a modak or mouse part, as this will bring positive energy to the house. Also, the idol should never be immersed in water without aarti and puja. Lastly, never leave the Ganesha idol unattended and make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations.

Ganesh’s trunk should be positioned to the left, which represents success and positivity. Alternatively, the right trunk is regarded to be the opposite of these, representing a stubborn or difficult attitude.
Requirements for bringing a ganpati idol home

Before bringing a ‘Ganapati’ idol home, it is very important to perform rituals. This is to ensure the idol is placed in the proper place. Before you bring the idol home, you must buy certain items for it. These include red flowers, druva grass blades, coconut, red chandan, aggarbattis, and red sandalwood paste.

You must follow Vastu Shastra when bringing the Ganesha idol home. You should place the idol facing north. Avoid placing it on the top of a staircase or near the toilet. You can also place a Ganesha idol in a sitting position or a standing position.

If you’d like to place a Ganesha idol in your home, make sure you follow the rules and regulations set by the Ganesha temple. A Vermillion Ganesha idol is a symbol of mankind’s dominance. It is also said to bring self-growth. Regardless of the location, you should always make sure that the idol is facing the east or west, and that it’s not placed in the south.
Rituals involved in bringing a ganpati idol home

Bringing a ganpati idol home is a beautiful ritual that involves washing the idol with milk and scented oil. Next, the priest performs a puja, including chanting holy mantras and bhajans. He also offers a ganesha aarti, new clothes, and a sindoor to the idol. Afterward, the devotees offer the idol a tilak of sandalwood paste, and decorate it with flower garlands and red flowers.

Arati is performed on the day of Visarjan, where the devotees offer flowers to Lord Ganesha. After offering the flowers, the devotees offer Prasad. The devotees should recite the mantra ‘Akalamrutyuharanam’ while offering the prasad. The Idol is then ritually worshipped in the morning and evening. The ritual ends with Pradakshina, in which the idol is immersed in a water body. During this time, devotees cry, “Ganapati Bappa Morya!” and then immerse the idol.
Avoiding negative energies

When bringing Ganpati Bappa home, it is important to consider Vastu Shastra to place the statue in the right location. It is important to place the Bappa facing north-east to avoid negative energy from the south-west. In addition, the Vastu Shastra prohibits placing two Ganesha statues in the same room, as their energies will collide and produce negative results.

The best location for a Ganpati murti is a room in the house that is mostly habitable. The idol should be placed in a room that is not connected to the bathroom or washroom. It should also be placed away from the laundry room and garage. This is because these rooms emit negative energy to the entire home.
Keeping a ganpati idol in a clutter-free corner

If you are bringing the lord of the gods into your home, it is important to place the idol in a clutter-free corner. The best location is a northeast corner of the home where you can offer prayers to the deity. It is also advisable to place the idol on a raised platform or wooden plank covered with white fabric. After you place the idol, decorate it with fresh flower garlands, turmeric and sandalwood paste, Kumkum, lamps, and rangoli.

The color of the idol has a great significance. A white Ganesha idol is considered a symbol of happiness, so placing one at home should be a high priority. A standing Ganesha will bring positive energy into your home, helping you to stay energetic and enthusiastic.

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