Traits of Lord Rama that make him a True Leader

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According to the dictionary, the true leader is one who commands respect and maintains the confidence of his followers. This trait of a true leader is exemplified by Lord Krishna in his interaction with his attendants. There are many a times that we see leaders whose influence is so strong that they command the respect and confidence of their people through their gestures alone.

On seeing a thief breaking the law, the thief is stopped by Lord Krishna and forgives him. The thief thanks the Lord for his forgiveness and says he will never commit such an act again. Such a power of faith is rare to find in a human being. We all have such a characteristic but how did this Lord Krishna come to possess such a power? He is believed to have been born in India under the guidance of Rama the Elder.

According to the hymns quoted by Ram Darbar Marble Statue, Lord Krishna once left his birth place and went to heavenly abode. There he was transformed into a great warrior by the king of heaven. Lord Krishna then proceeded to create Brahma, the creator of the heavens and the earth. Brahma created earth by using his voice like the wind.

Lord Krishna taught his people the four noble characteristics of faith, non-violence, truthfulness and gentleness. These qualities form the basis of almost all religions. Non-violence is the foundation of Gandhi’s teachings. It is said that Gandhi once saw a king committing violence in the presence of a king. So much so that he went to the extent of challenging the king by saying that he himself does not fight in the army but has nothing to do with it.

Truthfulness is another one of the noble traits of Lord Krishna. He willingly reveal his thoughts and ideas to those who are seeking knowledge. When he speaks his mind, his words carry the force of God and they speak to those who listen to them with authority.

The third trait of Lord Krishna that makes him a leader is gentleness. One of the vows he made to the mother Goddess is to show her gratitude with kind actions. There have been many incidents where he had done great deeds. But because he was kind he was praised as a leader. The followers of the Lord always appreciated his kind attitude. He had a lovely smile that always made them feel at home.

When there is discrepancy between the things a leader should do and the things he actually does, then he is in trouble. A lot of leaders blame others for their misfortunes. But there is no excuse for not doing what you should. The Lord knows well that you would always be held in high regard if you do what you say and do not blame anyone else for your misfortunes.

One of the best traits of lord Krishna is his ability to inspire. It is through this that people are drawn towards him. Even in difficult times, people wait anxiously for the sound of his voice. People listen to leaders and the best leaders know how to inspire with words and actions. These traits of lord Krishna make him a true leader.

Another great quality of Ram Darbar Marble Murti that makes him a leader is his love for the people. He loves his followers as though they were his children. He protects them with his life even when they have committed a wrong. He does not forget them even when the circumstances seem to be hopeless. He does not allow any harm to come their way.

Being a true leader means taking decisions that benefit not only your group but also yourself. There are situations where it is right to take the easy way out and to err on the side of caution. But such an action will prove destructive to ones cause and also your position as a true leader.

A leader must know the value of trust. If you want your followers to follow you blindly you will have to earn their respect. There are a lot of examples in the Bible where one may see leaders who have earned the respect of their followers. Jesus, for instance, had many followers but he also had to prove his authority over them. The same principle applies to any leader. You can start viewing your life as a great mission to spread the true God’s love to the world.

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