What Are The Benefits Of Placing A Marble Statue Of Lord Shiva On This Maha Shivaratri?

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Placing a marble statue of Lord Shiva in your house or office can bring you good luck, wealth, prosperity, and good health. He also removes obstacles from your path and protects you from negative energy. He is a very powerful Hindu deity, and pleasing him is an easy task. Just place the statue in the right place according to Vastu, and you’ll start experiencing great changes in your life.
Shivlingas should be worshipped with a complete Puja

There are various practices that must be followed to make Shivlinga worship a successful and fulfilling activity. These rituals include performing Pranayama (the exercise of breathing natural air) several times, sanitizing the items used in worship, and offering fruits and incense sticks to Lord Shiva in his Linga form.

Shivlingas should be worshipped at least twice a day. If the devotees cannot worship the Shivlinga daily, the Shivlinga should be worshipped once a week. A Jaladhara should be placed around the Shivlinga to help pacify the energy flowing around it. The offering should not include flowers or Tulsi leaves, which are believed to be cursed by Lord Shiva.

Abhishekam is a very important ritual in worshiping Shivling. The sacred bathing of the Shivling brings many benefits to its devotee. Water and Bilva leaf are accepted by the Divine Lord Shiva as offerings. Every ingredient that is offered in Abhishek has a symbolic meaning. It is ideal to perform the Abhishek daily, but shorter Abhishekams are also beneficial.
They protect you from negative elements

Placing a marble statue of Lord Shiva in your home on this Maha Shivaratri can have a number of benefits. First and foremost, it can be a very powerful omen for a happy marriage. Many people have a strong belief that Shiva is the perfect husband and will make sure that their marriage will stay happy and healthy. However, placing an idol of Lord Shiva in your home should be done with care and respect.

If you are having trouble finding the right partner for marriage, placing a marble statue of Lord Shiva in your home during Maha Shivaratri can make it much easier. The god is considered a beautiful man, so it makes perfect sense to place a marble statue of him in your home during this auspicious day.
They remove obstacles from your path

Many people believe that putting a marble statue of Lord Shiva on their altar is a great way to attract positive energy and to overcome challenges in their life. Not only will it help you attract more prosperity into your life, but it can also help you attract a better partner and attract a happier marriage. If you are having trouble finding a husband, bringing a marble statue of Lord Shiva to your home during Maha Shivaratri is a great way to change things up in your life.

Shiva is one of the most powerful gods in the world, so it’s no wonder that worshiping him can have many benefits. He’s a devoted father and is known to be a powerful fighter. However, you need to remember that Lord Shiva can also perform terrible acts when he’s angry. Even the gods are afraid of provoking Lord Shiva, because he loses his patience after a while. If you want to make sure that you’re happy in your marriage, worshiping Shiva can help you to control your wrath and protect your children’s future.
They bring good luck

Placing a marble statue of Lord Shiva at home or office is an effective way to bring prosperity, happiness, health, wealth and power into your life. By placing the statue in a certain location according to Vastu, you can experience a significant change in your life. If you are interested in buying a marble statue of Lord Shiva, you should find a reputed manufacturer of such statues.

Lord Shiva’s cosmic dance on Maha Shivaratri is said to bring good luck. Many devotees believe that worshiping the god during this day will help them to rid themselves of their sins. It is also said that fasting on this day will bring good fortune.
They are good for your personal and professional life

Placing a marble statue of Lord Shiva at home or office is one of the best ways to attract wealth, health, and happiness. It is also believed to give you power to conquer this world. You don’t have to be a Hindu priest or a guru to place a marble statue of Lord Shiva in your home or office. Simply place the statue in a location that follows the Vastu principles and you will begin to experience a positive change in your life.

The Lord Shiva statue in your home represents beauty and purity, which attracts positive energy. It is a beautiful addition to your home or office and will improve the atmosphere. Moreover, it can also help you attract a suitable partner. However, placing the statue according to Vastu is important.

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