Finding Peace through God’s Statue during COVID-19

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Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the public health, food systems, and work world now face unprecedented challenges

Everyone feels the emotional impact of this crisis in this vast place of residence. Imagine what it feels like to be in the middle of a pandemic. Even people who have tremendous resiliency are in a funk. In this confusing time of uncertainty, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and anxious.

In response to perceived or real threats, as well as when dealing with uncertainty or the unknown, we often experience fear, worry, and stress. Therefore, it is normal and understandable that people are experiencing fear as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this challenging time, the question arises: Is there anything one can do to cope with emotional fallout? The answer is yes!. To cope with this difficult time, we can take part in several activities. In our community, preaching and meditating in front of marble gods are also practices that can elevate people’s moods, especially in our community.

Here, Pandey Marble Arts all over Jaipur provide you the finest marble murti of god with a lifelike look which will help you finding peace in these hard times of COVID.

Significance of Marble God During COVID

In addition to our physical health, we must take care of our mental health as well. Preaching in front of Marble God is the most effective way of keeping yourself healthy and strong in this pandemic. Some of its significant effects are:

  1. Meditating in front of the marble god creates mental clarity and calmness.
  2. It improves respiration, energy, and vitality.
  3. Increases body awareness.
  4. Relaxes the mind and brings up peace.
  5. It improves the center’s attention and sharpens concentration.
  6. Confronting your thoughts in front of god makes your willpower more strengthful and more determined.
  7. Meditation for god makes your soul happier and brings positive energy.

Regular concentration will provide you peace and prosperity in your life.  God has created you in His image. You have been loved by him since the beginning. Despite knowing your heart, your fears, your insecurities, and your failures, he loves you regardless.

So believe in God and spend some time in meditation of God, everything will be fine and you will be back on track as you were always been.

When you are calm, peaceful, and determined you will overcome all the hectic days full of stress, anxiety, depression, and anger. Getting empowered by your Pandey Marble Arts with different kinds of marble murtis of God, you will see positive results in your life, including success, prosperity, and happiness.

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Other Activities Help You Finding Peace

The four M’s of mental health: Movement, Mindfulness, Mastery and Meaningful social relationships, have to be the foundation of your daily happiness, even during COVID-19.

Your day needs to be planned. It is possible for you to actively manage what you put into your body. In this period, eating healthfully and getting enough sleep are very important.

The benefits go beyond mood enhancement and mood improvement. It will help strengthen your immune system, which is vital right now. Utilize this crisis as an opportunity to return to our basics by being cautiously optimistic.

Yoga is another apt option for finding peace and calmness in your lifestyle. It creates various changes in your body including improving your health and keeping your mind relaxed and make you feel more active


In times of crisis, a person can gain a much deeper appreciation for life and a deeper sense of spirituality if they are ready to change.

We can find more meaning in our lives as a result of this crisis. Suddenly, the smallest things take on great importance. Keep them in mind and appreciate the importance of them in our life.

In this time of insecurity, Pandey Marble Arts extends the hand for support with the best quality marble murti that will help you cope with the problem of life peacefully. We know that God has supernatural powers and he can do anything to save us.

You will be more determined and strong against your hurdles and you will overcome them most efficiently. Success will hit your door and grab you from your sleeping night and make you stand in front of many peoples as an inspiration.

All you need to do is, be more focused on your aim and fight for it with calmness and peacefulness through the track given by god.

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