LOOKING BEYOND THE CREATION: Discovering purpose out of the SILENT

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“How to comprehend the eternal knowledge from a Sculpture (though symbolized as Divine) who can just be seen but doesn’t speak or show any answers to our problems?”

If we look at the relationship of a Mother-Child, Beloved-His/her Companion or a Guru-Disciple – it reveals that unconditional love doesn’t necessarily require impression of words but gets its meaning just by a wink of an eye. Selfless bond just needs to be perceived from the aroma of affinity between the two beautiful souls. Similarly, the foresighted welfare that a guru showcases for his disciple gets inscribed by their devotion for each other, wherein more than conversation, mutual understanding plays a significant role. And that’s why it is rightly said that-

“Your Action Speaks Louder Than Your Words.”

Making it more relevant to the context, it is yet more relatively observed that-

“Your Reverence, Your Compassion and Your Tranquility Speaks Wiser than Words.”

So, Come & Let’s Unveil the voice of treasure behind this stillness and seek solutions to our mystical mindset by plugging in human intellect with wonderful humanizing power of The Great Master. 

Connecting Science-to-Spirituality:

Out of all the modes of learning and remembering instances in life, Visual Communication is considered to be one of the most powerful and efficient means of recalling. Because Human mind has the ability to process things in images and retain the same for a long time in comparison to reading and listening. 

FUN FACT: Research too, shows that a human brain processes the images 60,000 times faster than the Text.

In Hindu Mythology, it is believed that such immortal beings are represented in the name of AVATAR who takes such a form so as to elevate the other souls. In today’s time the term AVATAR has been misinterpreted with the term Super-heroes more often used in Western culture. But if we try to interpret in Indian context, the word A V A T A R is derived from Sanskrit term ‘avataran’ which means – an eternal being like Vishnu coming down to material world in order to uplift the other kindred souls who are still wandering in this worldly realm.  According to Hindu mythology and stories, the mentioned holy souls have touched the realm of promised land that renders the joy of utmost Happiness. With such a rigorous amount of practice poured in understanding oneself through the medium of Inner-Engineering, these ordinary intrigue explorers have discovered the key to ‘SUBLIMITY’ deep-down inside. And so, they are believed to be the param-tattva, which is the fundamental element residing in every single life. 

But how to find life in that unresponsive image?                              

To discover answers to the same, there’s a beautiful elucidation in Gujarati 


             which says that, 

When an artist crafts an eye of the statue, the life gets poured in it at that very moment. And it feels like these Holy Souls have come down taking form of Statue as a medium to help other needful people to grow. That’s why eyes are considered to be the significant mode of communication while sculpting any incarnate image and so it takes ample amount of time in shaping the eyes. Such is the glory of ancient Indian art and architecture. 

Along with it, if we throw some light on the bhakti of Meera, it reflects that she was so devoted and immersed in love with Krishna that she could actually feel their relation to be one soul and could listen to every acknowledgment.

Thus, science and spirituality go hand-in-hand; because in order to establish a connection, we do not need to speak or converse; just an image and a strong belief system is enough to help us cross mountains and see beyond what can be seen.   

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