Why Belief, Devotion & Faith have prevailed in India since ages?

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There is a very famous verse in Sanskrit- Nityam धृति: सत्यम I

meaning thereby –


There’s a very prominent interpretation in our ancestral scriptures, “Sankalp se Shrushti”. Thereby preaching all the readers and seekers that – ‘OUR THOUGHT AND BELIEF CONSTRUCT OUR WORLD.’                   

The entire co-existence of humanity and other life on this planet is cultivated by our belief system. And, that’s how, these four terminologies Belief-Conviction-Devotion-& Faith justify, by not just building up the behavior, thoughts and perceptions but much more intangible than that. And at the end, defines who we are, our persona and, lastly our destiny too.


Amongst all, India especially has been portrayed as a landmark of possessing wealth with regards to great virtues and devotion. Who really said India is a country? It is a continent! – A mainland contrasted with the islands of cultures so vibrant and diverse in conducting rituals and ceremonies from all the corners of the pole, yet distinctively Indian (keeping core values intact) at heart! The only sutra behind retaining and restoring every such bead of the strand lies in- establishing and religious engraving of the Indian belief system of ‘Unity in Diversity’ in every soul.

Our great Sages and Seekers, have blessed this bhoomi through their rigorous and meticulous study by enlightening every soul with a journey that takes from being saguna (being sightful) to nirguna (being un-sightful).  Thereby meaning, reading and understanding of every matter beyond its general definition. And all of this can only be developed by weaving every smallest of the smallest area with a color of conviction and affinity in it. All of this has led to the transformation of this general land into a paradise of sublime immortality.

New generation, Newer meanings

Every inherent invention about this cosmic power of belief by our forefathers, has made our thought processes more fluid and our individual life more substantial. We have metamorphosed ourselves from being an ordinary individual to -acknowledging the immense power of soul that resides in us… Power, that can make anything happen that you desire about. Such an emotional state can be experienced only when we have unshakeable belief system towards our varied areas of manifestation. Summing it up, every such learning was compiled and offered to everyone reciting as one universal mantra which explains: 

“As is the belief, so is our behavior and so dwells the society.”

Newer meaning, newer learnings

The matters that get passed from generation to generation either gets distorted or restored and refined. But that purely is a matter of perception, which is annexed with consequences and not judgmental mindset. 

Pioneers like Lincoln, Gandhi, Mandela, and Teresa and for the fact Hitler too are a perfect epitome of having a great Belief system which helped them serve what they had thought of attaining, be it favorable or unfavorable to the society. Seeking some lessons from their life elucidates that,

Your Belief system can either make or break you!

For such practitioners of instinct, belief is nothing but having utmost respect in other person’s foresightedness, apparently which we are incapable of seeing on our own. That’s why every individual seeks for some idol to idealize his/her life. And, that’s why so many ideologies exist in India, owing very much to the Hindu system of belief. The very reason why entire nation from North to South and East to West have different figurines, following which they define their pure acceptance. 

Fire Walking Festival

For instance, in Eastern India, a lady carrying a Durga idol walking on the fire walk of burning coal, everyone else would consider it to be torturing oneself but for her it’s her Belief System. For her it symbolizes that she is being purified and Goddess Durga is getting pleased by it. This is just a slice from the world of Indian gods and goddesses, blind beliefs and practices.  

Right from terrorism in the name of jihaad – creating destruction all over- to – a young lady making some unusual vow about giving up on things she loves the most after taking three handfuls of water on Ganga ghat! All of these happen purely out of having a strong belief system.

That’s why it’s rightly said,

Your power of conscience can either construct a stone into your dream castle or act as a piece of troll. Choice is completely ours, where we wish to see ourselves!

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