Why is Ganesh Ji Worshipped First according to Hindu Tradition

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Ganesh Ji Marble Statue is a very popular deity among Hindus. It is because of a well-known tradition that Ganesh Ji Marble Murti is mentioned so often in Hindu rituals. Traditionally, every ritual, puja, or ceremony must begin with worshipping Ganesh Ji. Is there a reason why Ganesh Ji Marble Murti is worshiped first in Hindu Tradition?

In homes and businesses, Ganesh Ji is worshiped first before starting any puja or any auspicious moment. At the beginning of everything good, we invoke Ganesh Ji Marble Statue with chants and thoughts, asking for success and prosperity. Small idols of Ganesh Ji are created from mud or clay and worshiped before the ritual begins to seek the Lord’s blessing for everyone attending the Yagya or puja.

Ganesh Ji, who has an alluring charisma, has always been associated with prosperity and positivity. These traditional stories will explain why the elephant is worshipped in India before all auspicious things. Let’s find out why people love to take Lord Ganesha’s blessing before they begin any good work.


The story of Ganesh Ji worship comes first.  In Indian mythology, two stories account for lord Ganesha’s worship before any other god on auspicious occasions. The first time is when goddess Parvati instructs little Ganesh Ji to guard her chamber while she is inside. As soon as Ganesh Ji heard the orders, he stopped Lord Shiva from entering the rooms. This infuriated Shiva, who then cut Ganesha’s head off.

In anger, Goddess Parvati threatens to annihilate the entire universe when she finds Ganesha’s head severed. As a result, Lord Shiva replaced Ganesha’s head with an elephant’s and brought Ganesh Ji back to life. Despite seeing an elephant’s face on his body, Parvati was still not pleased. Accordingly, Lord Shiva declares that no puja or good work is complete without Lord Ganesha’s blessing.

In the second mythological story, Ganesh Ji and his elder brother Karthikeya and other Gods competed in a race. The winner is gifted immortality and knowledge. Those who complete three rotations around the globe first would be awarded the title.

The Lord Karthikeya began circumambulating around the world on his peacock. He begins his race thinking Ganesh Ji is slow and can’t win. In contrast, Ganesh Ji walked around his parents, proclaiming that they were his world. As a result, he won the race and ate the fruit of knowledge that was divine.

Impressed by his love for his parents and intelligence in winning the race makes he the most intelligent one in the whole universe. That is why we seek the blessing of the ineffably charming Ganesh Ji before starting anything new.


On the Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, we commemorate the birth anniversary of Ganesh Ji the remover of obstacles and the god of new beginnings. As the son of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati, Ganesh Ji is a symbol of prosperity and auspiciousness.

Human beings are endowed with divinity, according to Hindu scriptures. To show our gratitude, we make clay models of the lord and offer fruits, flowers, and water. They represent the prana, or energy force, that we possess. By worshipping the idol, we honor our inner spirit, which gives us the strength and vitality to live a fulfilling life.

What Lord Ganesh symbolizes?

 A forest’s path is usually made by elephants. A path is created for the other animals by an elephant passing through dense foliage. Whenever anything new is started, Ganesh Ji Marble Murti must be worshipped first. Throughout our lives, Ganesh Ji Marble Statue clears the obstacles to allow us to progress.

To achieve perfection in life, one must possess wisdom, a discernible intellect, and understanding.

Human nature suggests that we want to enjoy ourselves in this world, as symbolized by our wide mouths. In general, the presence of large ears indicates a person possesses excellent listening skills and is adept at comprehending ideas. The world’s ruler Ganesh Ji has large, keen ears on which he is keenly tuned to hear the prayers of his subjects.

Every conceivable item existent in this universe can be found in the trunk. Likewise, individuals should be highly adaptable and efficient in their daily lives. By doing this, they can be attuned to any circumstance in life.


Ganesh ji Marble Statue represents wisdom and knowledge. The devotees also believe he destroys any obstacle that stands in their path. The elephant head on Ganesh Ji Marble Statue is a symbol of wisdom; his long ears explain that he listens intently to all of the prayers made to him. To make sure the worship is successful, all prayers and pujas always begin with Lord Ganesh Ji. Then all the work that needs to be done will go smoothly. An auspicious thing that you can do to bring peace and positive energy into your home is to place a Ganesh Ji Marble Murti or a Ganesh Ji Marble Statue. Pandey Marble Arts is best known for its Ganesh Ji Marble Murti in Jaipur & Ganesh Ji Marble Statue in Jaipur.


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